Renewable Energy

Our future achievements will depend on two important findings: The development of human life was only possible because of the binding of a great part of CO2 in fossil energy sources in the Earth's crust. However, various experts agree on the fact that the oil production has already passed its peak. Once we realise that oil supplies are dwindling, value and cost will increase tremendously.

  • The use of renewable energies, combined with energy-saving measures, is a stable and crisis-proof form of energy supply.
  • Increased energy efficiency reduces running costs in the long term. Therefore, measures of this type are a profitable investment, especially in times of exploding energy prices.
  • The use of renewable energies and raw materials reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore a valuable contribution to climate protection - for the good of the environment and the sake of future generations!
  • Investing in local and available resources increases the region's value added. As a result, capacities for local development are created, which secure and create jobs. The team of ATB-Becker e.U. green technologies specialized in finding perfect energy supply solutiones (electricity and heat) for every individual case, using existing renewable energy sources and working out economically and ecologically compatible concepts. 

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